Better late than never I discovered the vastness of this unique and extra ordinary land. What was to be a simple visit to see old friends turned into an outpouring of work and three exhibitions in 2000/01 and 02, and since then I have returned on a biannual basis to play, paint and collect shells. To these images I bring the intimacy of a Breton landscape as well as the drama of the Scottish hills, but the light remains uniquely that of Western Australia and it has become my southern hemisphere home. Spending time in WA has been a great discipline and it has changed the way I gather information for painting in an often harsh land. I have produced countless sketch books of my travels recording sky, sea and land in all its tranquil and turbulent glory. These visual records are immediate and help to transport me back outside when Iím confined in the comfort of an indoor studio space. They contain so much more than a simple photograph.