For twenty years now the light and life of Central Finistere has had a constant presents in my work simple because it is here that I have made my life. Brittany being situated face on to the Atlantic brings drama and sudden changes in weather and my paintings often reflect this with their concentration on skies. These familiar surroundings that in the past influenced so many of the Newlyn School artists that I have admire from my time as an art and antique dealer in Cornwall make Brittany a fitting place to be. Even though year on year the landscape is increasingly ravaged by modern farming methods there are still many remarkable havens of beauty. I suppose it is this that I wish to portray that the world we find ourselves in is beautiful. I rarely put people into my landscapes since so often those people have little reason for being there other than as tourists however I have re-introduced a few cows of recent, to add both life and scale. Here in the midst of a peasant culture there is no expectation and living alone I am free to follow where my own creativity leads me.