This is a hang over from my antique dealing days as well as a genuine love of the humour within the naive image. English art can be seen as overweight with its classical legacy at the expense of the images produced by ordinary people. The farm animals depicted sometimes with elephantine proportions hideously overweight and on absurdly spindly legs served to illustrate the value attached to British pedigree livestock at a time when a shepherd’s wages were £30 a year and yet a prize winning ram could sell for over 200 guineas. These original paintings now prized for their decorative quality have in turn become extremely expensive.

 That which started out as being simply a fun picture for my kitchen wall turned into a full exhibition. Six years later the poster still hung in the local boucherie and the comments and enquiries continue. The oils are executed on 19th century or earlier panels and finished with a fake crackle varnish and aging.  Other primitives executed in water colour illustrate the charm from a period that still didn’t have the convenience of those quick family photos. From freshly plucked road kill I am able to recreate ridiculous feather birds that have and never will existed. The fallen feather another part of nature’s detritus which would have otherwise rotted, now turned into something that merits a second look.    


Quagga 1000



Shepherd 1500


Newbus Ox 1500

Newbus Ox

Basket of flowers & basket of fruit, 1000 pair

Basket of flowers


Pike, SOLD


Basket of fruit & basket of flowers, 1000 pair

Basket of fruit

Feather bird 150

Feather bird


Feather bird 150

Feather bird

Feather bird 300 pair

Feather bird (pair)