The joys of control within this subject are pure relaxation and this is the nearest I get to sculpture on canvas. This is like a starting block discipline for me and there is a certain simplicity and purity of form.  There is no struggling with the elements within the comforts of my studio walls, light sources can be adjusted along with the composition. The subject matter comes fresh from my own garden and if edible is consumed shortly afterwards. 

Green gourds 500

Green gourds


Rotting apples 200

Rotting apples

Yellow gourds 350

Yellow gourds

Quince 400



Quince and pots 200

Quince and pots

Pumpkins and gourds 350

Pumpkins and gourds

Turks heads and gourds 350

Turks heads and gourds


Spanish pots and bottles 350

Spanish pots and bottles

Spanish pots 500

Spanish pots